Galp joins forces with BMW to expand electric mobility in Spain

Galp has announced its alliance with the BMW group "to create an initial network of more than 100 ultra-fast charging points of up to 180 kilowatts of power for electric vehicles, along the main medium-distance and long-distance corridors" of the Iberian Peninsula.

With this association, Galp wants to mark the beginning of a program to expand its network of charging points in Spain and Portugal "and meet the goal of installing 10,000 electric charging points by 2025.

The initial agreement contemplates the creation of 25 ultra-fast recharging centers, distributed throughout the national territory and powered by energy from renewable generation sources, thanks to the installation of solar panels located in the canopy.

The charging infrastructure will allow users to recharge the battery of their electric cars in approximately 15 minutes and reach 80% charge in this time. The power of the charging centers allows, for example, the new BMW i7 to be able to recharge in 10 minutes – the average break for a coffee – enough power to acquire more than 150 kilometers of autonomy.

João Diogo Marques da Silva, national manager of Galp Spain and director of B2C at Galp Iberia, said, "This agreement goes far beyond the creation of ultra-fast freight corridors in Spain, it is a firm commitment to the implementation of electric mobility in each point of the national territory, so that all communities move towards a decarbonized model in an orderly, shared and fair manner, leaving no one behind We have already started the process of installing ultra-fast charging points in more than 200 Service Stations in Spain, 135 of which will be operational in 2023"

Manuel Terroba, Executive President of BMW Group Spain and Portugal, said, β€œThe BMW Group already offers a wide variety of 100% electric models that can cover between 425 and 630 kilometers of autonomy with a single charge. This alliance consolidates the Group's commitment to continue offering charging solutions to our customers who seek to use electric mobility on their longest journeys and from now on we can offer them strategic points in which to recharge more than 150 kilometers of additional autonomy while resting for 10 minutes "

Galp and the BMW Group have also announced today that they will collaborate in the development of "open innovation initiatives" through Galp's Upcoming Energies program. For its part, BMW will participate "in the creation of synergies, co-creation and cooperation for development, as well as the launch and commercialization of projects related to electric mobility."

Both companies will work in this way, for example, "in the electrification of rural centers with a small population, located in the surroundings of the solar parks that Galp has distributed throughout Spain".

The manufacturer of German origin has completed fifty years of work on electrification in 2022 and, today, offers everything from electric urban products such as the MINI Electric, to representative vehicles such as the first BMW iX and the first BMW i7. Galp Electric is the oil company's business unit that concentrates all services related to electric mobility.

In Spain, Galp Electric plans to roll out more than 500 ultra-fast charging points by the end of this year, located both in the more than 570 service stations that the company has throughout the country, as well as in companies, leisure centers and urban roads, thus completing a charging infrastructure that meets the needs of the population. Galp Electric currently declares "more than 1,000 ultra-fast charging points installed and distributed throughout the Iberian Peninsula".

The Portuguese oil company has developed an application -Mundo Galp- through which all the locations that have charging points -in Spain and Portugal- can be geolocated, check if they are available and pay via mobile. All the chargers are open and accessible for any model of electric vehicle (the price is -reports Galp- up to €0.50/kWh).

Photo caption: João Diogo Marques da Silva, national manager of Galp Spain and director of B2C of Galp Iberia (on the left), and Manuel Terroba, executive president of BMW Group Spain and Portugal].