LEON to more than double number of Asda coffee kiosks

LEON is to more than double its self-serve coffee kiosks in the UK over the next couple of months, as the Issa brothers’ on-the-go food operator expands.

The chain, which sells healthier alternatives of fast-food and is owned by the billionaire brothers behind supermarket Asda and petrol forecourt operator EG group, is to expand its presence by the end of January.

Its number of self-serve coffee stands in the UK will top 200 before the end of January, with over one hundred to be launched in Asda stores.

The brand, which was poached by the duo’s EG Group in 2021, presently has coffee kiosks in 65 EG convenience stores and 33 Asda supermarkets.

The expansion programme will also see four kiosks introduced at EG service stations before the end of the year. The roll out marks another “milestone” in LEON’s expansion programme, according to the chain’s managing director, Glenn Edwards.

“We continue to invest and innovate, with the intention to make LEON more accessible to more customers,” he added.

“Whether in our drive-thrus, restaurants, self-serve or through our grocery offer, we continue to make it easier for everybody to eat well, live well and be kind to the planet.” EG has pledged to create some 22,700 jobs in the UK in the next four years, thanks to investment in its foodservice arm.