ACCIONA and Cepsa join forces to promote sustainable mobility through a network of battery exchangers

ACCIONA and Cepsa have reached an agreement to carry out a pilot test to develop a network of battery exchangers at Cepsa service stations for electric vehicles manufactured by Silence, a subsidiary of the ACCIONA Group.

Through this alliance, both companies will promote new models of sustainable mobility.

The first initiative of the joint project is already underway in Barcelona (C/ Comte d'Urgell, 219). The plan includes the initial development of ten interchanges in as many Cepsa stations, five in the Catalan capital and another five in Madrid, in the coming months.

"Our goal, with this initiative, is to launch as soon as possible an extensive network of battery exchange services throughout the country to respond to our purpose of accelerating decarbonization and reinforcing our leadership in the 100% renewable electric mobility sector," said Carlos Sotelo, CEO of Silence.

"With this pilot in Barcelona and Madrid, hand in hand with Cepsa, our users will have a battery exchange station less than 10 minutes away in both cities."

"At Cepsa we adapt to new forms of mobility, within our ambition to become leaders in sustainable mobility and energy in Spain and Portugal," said Isabel Gorgoso, Director of New Mobility at Cepsa.

"Through this new alliance we will begin to offer micromobility services at our service stations: one more solution within the different sustainable mobility alternatives that we make available to our customers."

Silence uses in its electric motorcycles a system of removable batteries that allows the user to leave the unit discharged in an exchange station, obtain another with 100% charge and continue its journey, through a very fast replacement operation, of just one minute duration, which makes this recharging system the fastest on the market.

When the driver detects a low charge level, he can locate the nearest exchanger via the ACCIONABattery Stationapp and reserve a battery. Once there, it deposits its battery at an available charging point and extracts another fully charged.

Silence batteries are also used by SeatMó electric scooters – manufactured by the ACCIONA subsidiary – and units of ACCIONA's urban mobility service. The same batteries will be part of the equipment of Silence's new two-seater car, theS04. Likewise, the service is open to any other brand that, in the future, wants to join the exchange system.

To use the charging stations, Silence offers the option of buying the bike without a battery, which reduces its price by 40%, and hiring a monthly subscription. In addition to lowering the purchase price, this method also avoids the user having to take care of the maintenance of the battery, since Silence ensures that they are always in perfect condition in their exchangers.

Cepsa, within its 2030 strategy, 'Positive Motion', is working to become a benchmark for the energy transition this decade. To do this, it is transforming itself into a company more focused on the needs of its customers, who also face their own decarbonization challenges.

As part of its commitment to sustainable mobility, the company is developing the largest ultra-fast road charging network on the Peninsula, which will reach a minimum ratio of a 150kW charger per 200 kilometres on the main roads and interurban roads.

In addition, in this decade, it will boost the demand for green hydrogen in road transport, through the installation of refueling stations in the corridors that connect Spain with Europe.

Cepsa is also transforming its service stations, the second largest network in Spain and Portugal, into multimobility spaces. These digitized facilities will offer a wide variety of ultra-convenience and catering services, as well as different energy solutions.

Since October 2018, ACCIONA has had an urban mobility service shared with more than 12,000 electric motorcycles in Spanish and Italian cities. In 2021, ACCIONA acquired Silence, the European leader in the manufacture of electric vehicles.

The decision to launch mobility services by ACCIONA, a leader in the development of sustainable infrastructures and renewable energies, responds to the company's strategic commitment to offer solutions that accelerate the energy transition and the fight against the effects of climate change. ACCIONA has been carbon neutral since 2016.