Cepsa launches new online store through landmark partnership with Amazon business

Cepsa has launched its new marketplace, a new online store for customers of its ‘Porque Tú Vuelves’ program, which offers a selection of products from Amazon Business . This is a groundbreaking initiative in Spain, and it is exclusively for members of the company's loyalty program.

Amazon Business is a global procurement solution used by more than five million business customers. The shopping experience customers enjoy on Amazon, tailored for businesses.

Cepsa's new online store (www.tiendacepsa.com) has 600 Amazon products, which can be purchased by ‘Porque Tú Vuelves’ loyalty customers and paid for with program points, euros, or both.

This wide variety of items doubles the number of products that the company had on offer until now, and Cepsa's objective is to reach 1,500 by next year, including a section of sustainable products.

All orders placed in this marketplace will enjoy the benefits of Amazon Business Prime, that is, they will be delivered quickly to the customer's home, within a period of two to three days.

This is a significant advantage that substantially reduces order delivery times, allowing the company to improve customer service and position itself at the forefront of innovation within the industry. The new online store will also offer competitive prices and a better website user experience.

José Dominguez, Cepsa's New Commerce Director stated: "Through this new marketplace we’re continuing to transform the customer experience, one of the objectives we set in our new Positive Motion strategy: to become more agile and to offer a wide variety of items through a simple website that adapts to our customers’ needs.

All of this is possible thanks to Amazon Business technology and logistics capabilities, which allow us to improve our delivery service to our customers."

The development of this new marketplace is part of the company's new strategy, Positive Motion, which Cepsa wants to use to transform the customer experience and boost its loyalty program through the use of technology and digitalization.