Leading UK independent retailer MFG’s links with Paua electric fuel card

Motor Fuel Group’s EV Power network has joined the Paua platform, enabling Paua drivers to access 248 charging devices at 49 high-power charging hub locations.

MFG aims to deliver 500 chargers and 1,000 new connectors in 2023 as part of its plan to spend £400 million on EV strategy to 2030, with a focus on providing ultra-rapid chargers at all 900 sites, all powered by 100% renewable energy.

The latest partnership means that MFG sites are available to Paua drivers with the Paua electric fuel card solution. Paua is a specialist EV network aggregator that supports businesses transitioning to electric vehicles, offering a fully digitised solution through the Paua mobile app, card, and business dashboard.

As a leading provider of electric fleet fuel card solutions, Paua also offers white-label solutions to partners such as Moove and Cinch. The company claims that business drivers benefit from an improved user experience, with no need for multiple apps and cards, and a full digital solution from a single provider. Fleet managers can provide one solution to their drivers and receive real-time data on charging sessions, allowing for efficient cost control and tax management.

Drivers using MFG sites can start charging sessions with a card and track energy usage through the app, freeze their card from the app or have it deactivated by their fleet manager, and view charging sessions in real-time on the fleet dashboard. Now available on 23,000 charge point connectors across the UK.