Maxol announces investment in store network

The Maxol Group has announced an investment of €2.8 million in two of its sites, on the Dublin Road in Kilkenny and in Mitchelstown, Cork.

The investment forms part of a €27 million capital investment programme which has been rolled out across the Maxol network during 2021 and 2022.

Since 2018, it has invested around €87 million in its network, across a variety of locations.

“These developments are another milestone in our journey transition to becoming a more convenience led destination," commented Brian Donaldson, CEO of The Maxol Group.

"Our multi-million investment programme is contributing to the development of popular food destinations for our customers with new eat-in seating areas and a wider range of both hot and cold food options for any time of day as well as an excellent range of convenience goods ideal for a top up shop.

We are committed to investing in our business and will continue to offer the best local stores, run by local people, servicing local communities.”

According to the fuel group, the Kilkenny investment will see the store double in size from 221 square feet to 403 square feet, while in Cork, a €1.3 million redevelopment will see the introduction of a larger canopy, new pumps, outdoor seating area and trebling of car spaces.

The fuel company recently announced a €100 million investment programme as part of its new 2023-2027 strategic plan. Under this, Maxol is aiming to acquire a number of new sites in 2023, which could result in it growing its network to 250 service stations across Ireland. It currently operates a network of 240 sites.

It is also planning to ramp-up investment in ultra-rapid electric vehicle hubs, as well as grow its non-fuel income from foodservice and retail convenience.