Four more REWE Express stores for EG Group

Vijay Hindocha, Head of Retail Operations EG Group Germany would like to congratulate his amazing team in Germany with the opening of 4 more REWE express C-Stores, on the last few weeks of December 2022. Plus the completion of EG's NTI (New to industry) Burger King in Kehl, on the border of France.

EG's REWE express openings are across Germany, in Wolfratshausen, Murnau, Wörth and Ottweiler. Their C-Store offer is in partnership with REWE supermarket under the brand of REWE express, offering customers a wide range of convenience shopping with the Backfrisch bakery, hot food offer, Grocery & Merchandise and fuel.

Vijay says, EG is dedicated to serving the convenience needs of today’s busy customer