US fuel retailer Wawa reveals details of planned travel centres

Amid plans touted as the “most aggressive growth” in the company’s history, Wawa continues to make strides in its quest to open non-traditional “travel centers” in its new and existing markets in the years to come, CEO Chris Gheysens told the Philadelphia Business Journal.

Gheysens told Business Journal that the rest stops will not have overnight accommodations, but will instead feature offerings aimed at “light commercial vehicles,” which carry individual and family travellers, as well as some commercial truck drivers, for a day.

“Think of it as Wawa on steroids. A much larger store, a much larger selection, a much larger parking lot, more amenities,” Gheysens said. He added "Travel centers will play a significant role in the growth and help bridge the gap in the Wawa outposts between the Mid-Atlantic and Florida markets. This gives long-distance travellers more options for where to fill up or grab a snack".

Wawa did not disclose the estimated size of its upcoming travel centres. A traditional store ranges from about 5,800 to 6,000 square feet.

These travel centres will take a while to implement, Gheysens added, because they are larger and will be in “more prominent locations” on major highways like I-95. The next step in the company’s planning process is to identify the best locations.