Neste introducing new and more sustainable lubricants

Neste is introducing a new Neste ReNewTM lubricant product family in Finland, Sweden, the Baltic countries and Poland during the first quarter of 2023. The new lubricants are produced with renewable or re-refined base oils and high-quality additives.

The solution offers Neste's customers the opportunity to reduce their dependence on crude oil based products and take a step towards a more sustainable future also with their use of lubricants.

Joni Pihlström, leading B2B sales in Neste's Marketing & Services business unit in Finland commented;

“Neste's goal is to help customers reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by at least 20 million tons annually by 2030 with renewable and circular economy solutions. Both our corporate and private customers consider it important to curb climate change with solutions based on renewable raw materials, renewable energy and the circular economy. We can offer them a wide range of tools for this. The new Neste ReNew lubricant product family complements our offering of more sustainable solutions,”

For almost forty years Neste has been researching and developing lubricants that work even in demanding conditions and increase the performance and energy efficiency of engines and hydraulics.

Neste's existing lubricant solutions cover various motor oils for light vehicles, heavy-duty vehicle and agricultural motor oils, hydraulic oils, industrial lubricants and lubricating greases. The new Neste ReNew product family containing also renewable* or re-refined base oils includes high-quality motor oils for gasoline and diesel engines of cars, vans and for hybrid use, as well as universal tractor oil and hydraulic oils for agriculture and machinery.