OnTurtle adds 30 new fuel stations in Germany

OnTurtle and Alternoil closed an agreement through which the global transport services company added 29 service stations to its network in Germany, with supply of Diesel A, AdBlue and, mostly, also LNG. In this way, the brand expanded its network to exceed 1,700 stations throughout Europe, of which 150 have natural gas refueling..

"Strategically distributed to cover international transport in ten European countries – Spain, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Italy and Poland – the company's network is expanding to strengthen its presence in the German country," according to company sources on its website.

Also in 2022, OnTurtle doubled its presence in Poland, with seven more stations reinforcing the brand's coverage near border areas with Germany and the Czech Republic.

"As a multi-service company, OnTurtle starts the new year crossing the barrier of 1,700 stations, which represents a growth of 4% compared to 2021."

For its part, Alternoil is dedicated to the supply of environmentally friendly fuels in Germany. Specialized in the transformation process of non-polluting heavy transport and the company has been dedicated to the development and integration of sustainable fuels for more than 10 years.

40% more gas stations in its international network

Currently, the company offers 150 gas stations in six European countries: Spain, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany and Italy. With a growth of 40% in the last year for this type of facilities, the company has managed to expand coverage to its customers in LNG refueling, "with a growing demand in the professional transport sector".

"The commitment to natural gas started in 2018, faithful to OnTurtle's commitment to the environment. LNG is the sustainable technology that has now proven to be most realistic for long-distance transport. With a range of 1,600 km, a natural gas vehicle emits 20% less CO2. As a result, there are more and more gas-powered heavy-duty vehicles on the road."