Fieten Olie in Netherlands on the way to sixty fuel stations

Fieten Olie has added a new gas station in its growing network on the Loenenseweg in Eerbeek, Gelderland, Netherlands. The above photo, courtesy of Bever Innovations. is taken at Fieten Olieits, Hoofddorp, site opened two years ago.

Last December, Fieten Olie opened a new gas station at the Schoterhoek in Nieuwveen, the first gas station of the formula in South Holland, with a spectacular price action at the pump.

Now the company from Hollandscheveld has opened its first unmanned fuel station. The refuelling location showed the appearance of ESSO and Argos. The Fieten Olie, Fieten's network will now have a total of 56 filling stations.

Euro95, Super98 and diesel available at the pump and the payment terminal allows 24/7 refuelling