Orlen Unipetrol opened a public hydrogen station in Prague

The Orlen Unipetrol refinery and petrochemical group has started its network of filling stations Orlen Benzina to offer a new type of fuel with zero emissions in its use. At a petrol station in Prague Barrandov put into operation a hydrogen filling stand for cars, trucks and buses.

The introduction of hydrogen fuel supply is in accordance with the strategy of emission-free development of the Orlen Unipetrol Group and builds on EU and national priorities for public development infrastructure for clean mobility.

By 2030, Orlen wants Unipetrol to operate 28 hydrogen filling stations and two hydrogen filling stations distribution terminals for rail transport in Litvínov and Neratovice.

"We are gradually implementing the goals of our strategic development towards to emission neutrality, which we want to achieve by 2050 said the Orlen Unipetrol Group, its CEO Tomasz Wiatrak.

The Orlen Benzina filling station at Barrandov in Prague is fully self-service, accessible to the general public in non-stop mode and Suitable for filling cars, trucks and buses. There are two filling guns with different shape warheads for filling cars at a pressure of 700 bar and a pressure of 350 bars for filling trucks and buses.

Hydrogen price per filling stations Orlen Benzina was set at 278 crowns for one kilogram. The Orlen Benzina hydrogen filling station was built with the financial support of the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic under the Operational Programme Transport. Orlen Unipetrol in its fleet company cars operate five Toyota hydrogen cars Mirai.