Franke presents new product category BeyondTraditional and its first range, Mytico

Franke Coffee Systems introduces BeyondTraditional – a brand-new product category – at Internorga Hamburg from 10-14 March 2023, once again raising the bar for professional coffee making. This new category connects existing technologies with new trends and customer demands to create solutions that go beyond industry standards. Mytico* is the first product line in this category. It is a game-changing coffee solution that delivers impeccable Italian design on the outside and Franke’s Swiss quality on the inside for an outstanding customer experience.

Global coffee consumption and, with it, the demands of customers are constantly increasing. Today’s consumers expect excellent coffee, as if prepared by a barista. Drinking a cup of coffee out of home is meant to be a memorable and enjoyable experience – yet the shortage of skilled staff in the industry has become a concern on a worldwide scale.

Thus, it is a challenge for owners of coffee businesses to consistently satisfy their customers’ demand for high-quality coffee experiences every single day.


Franke’s new product category – BeyondTraditional – is the perfect response to these challenges: it combines existing concepts and technologies with new trends and demands and brings to life solutions that go beyond industry standards.

The first result of this new approach is a ground-breaking product line called “Mytico”. Mytico brings excellence to life in every detail – strikingly beautiful, easy to use and hard to ignore.

The pioneering new coffee line is equipped with advanced technology that produces consistent, barista-grade coffee, while enhancing any location with its unique Italian design. Mytico’s ease of use and reduced height give room for the barista to converse with the customer while easily producing the perfect beverage – all without having to sacrifice any part of the well-known, much-loved barista theatre. This creates the unforgettable coffee moment that keeps customers coming back for more.

Marco Zancolò, CEO of Franke Coffee Systems, states: “At Franke, we always strive to apply our expertise and know-how to the smallest detail when it comes to the development of new products and technologies.

Combining heritage and innovation, our research and development team worked hard to unlock even more potential in our automatic coffee machines. The outcome is a new product category in professional coffee-making, called BeyondTraditional – and its first product line, Mytico.

” Franke Mytico creates the utmost flexibility for a broad range of uses and facilitates entry into new customer segments. High-quality materials are used in the construction of these unique coffee solutions, ensuring reliability and a long lifespan. The various models in this product line are multifunctional and offer user-proven Franke Coffee Technologies, such as innovative iQFlowTM technology.

From fully automatic beverage creation to a two-step preparation approach that gives baristas plenty of creative freedom, Mytico suits any customer concept and demand. “Mytico is a game-changing coffee machine line that delivers impeccable Italian design on the outside and Franke’s Swiss quality on the inside,” Zancolò says. “The machine seamlessly adapts to fit different spaces without compromising on barista-grade in-cup quality, performance and reliability.”

Franke launches the first models in the Mytico line At Internorga

Franke Coffee Systems unveils the first two models within the Mytico line: Mytico Due and Mytico Vario. Mytico Due enhances the customer’s coffee experience by prioritizing barista-quality service and offers a modern design to compliment any space.

Its automated operation and intuitive design, coupled with a low machine height, enable baristas to easily engage with customers and focus on creating memorable moments, building strong relationships, and fostering loyalty.

Mytico Due celebrates the craft of coffee-making, enabling baristas to express their creativity and deliver exceptional experiences – thanks to two-step preparation using fully automated or traditional steam wands.

Mytico Vario brings a touch of elegance to any space with its modern design and provides a quality coffee experience through its simple configuration and automated operation. Among other benefits, the integrated milk system helps reduce milk waste and opens up a whole additional beverage range.

Two people can work simultaneously and quickly to create customer favourites, with very little training required. The machine’s flexibility allows signature beverages to be crafted, while the steam wand for milk alternatives reduces cross-contamination. Mytico Vario prioritizes ease of use, providing a consistent and efficient coffee-making process while maintaining the high level of quality.

Both models are IoT ready and can be fully integrated into Franke’s Digital Services, making it possible to monitor and manage the individual coffee machine or a whole fleet of coffee machines remotely. In addition to the broad range of technologies already installed, further optional features can be added to tailor the coffee machine to customers’ needs perfectly.

The new BeyondTraditional product category perfectly complements Franke Coffee Systems’ broad product portfolio of fully automatic coffee machines, while the new Mytico line unlocks even more potential for today’s owners of coffee businesses – in every segment, every location and at any scale.