CEO, BP Poland, says "We are implementing our growth strategy"

In 2023, it will be crucial to ensure a consistent and predictable regulatory environment that will create a clear perspective for our industry – says Bogdan Kucharski, CEO of BP in Poland.

The war in Ukraine and the ensuing humanitarian and energy crisis across Europe affected many issues in 2022. Virtually everything has changed: the geopolitical situation, the global sense of security, markets, the customer and his needs and, of course, expectations towards energy and the environment.

In the first half of 2022, we observed many phenomena related to the war, e.g. the short-term effect of panic purchases in the first days of the war, and later increased sales volumes related to intensive transport traffic as a result of the war in Ukraine.

The effects of the influx of refugees to Polish and the increased transport activity associated with it were visible. Fuel supplies flowing from Polish to Ukraine to support the local economy were also visible. On the other hand, the fuel market was also affected by, economic slowdown, inflation, weak zloty and general uncertainty, which weakened demand.

The complexity of the market was exacerbated by the sanctions imposed by the EU on Russia and the approach of individual market players to cooperation with Russian suppliers. Despite this difficult year, we also know that the current situation will not slow down the energy transition in the EU, but on the contrary – it will accelerate its pace.

What has happened in recent months is an impulse to carry out the energy transition even faster and more effectively, so that in the future we can become independent of traditional, emission-intensive energy sources, which, as we are just seeing, supply chains can be interrupted and whose costs may consist in huge fluctuations.