Saudi Arabia eyes petrol station expansion

Saudi Arabia is seeking to establish more fuel stations to provide countrywide connectivity, particularly in rural areas, amid population growth, expected economic growth, and increased urbanisation and industrialisation activities.

Several foreign players have expressed interest in investing in fuel stations across the country, which is expected to drive the growth of the fuel station market.

As part of the expansion plan, Saudi Arabia plans to provide more convenience stores, car care services, and charging ports.

In the last year, Saudi Automotive Services Co (SASCO) reportedly opened eight new fuel stations in Saudi Arabia that include convenience stores, branded restaurants, coffee shops, and ATM services.

Around $5.6 million was invested in three fuel stations in Madinah and the Southern region.

In May 2021, Saudi Arabia’s General Authority for Competition issued a no-objection certificate for ADNOC Distribution to acquire 15 service stations in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.