Genol – Partnership with ryd for digital fueling

Genol and ryd now make it possible for drivers to pay for their tank of fuel directly from the car via an app or on-board computer. Genol Gesmb operates an important network of petrol stations in rural areas in Austria.

In addition to the previous payment options using regional Lagerhaus fuel cards, the Austria-wide Genol G+ Card as well as debit or credit cards, the range of services at the predominantly unmanned petrol stations is now being expanded by mobile payment.

At a total of 235 petrol stations, ryd's service can now be used and paid for using an app or on-board computer.

After a successful pilot phase, the connection of all Lagerhaus Genol filling stations began last year – the roll-out has now been fully completed.

The connection is made via the vending machine/cash register systems of Hectronic and Ratio.