Cost effective modular shop from Sistem Reklamcılık

Sistem Reklamcilik has created its new Mobility Container Solution, an innovative and affordable option for operators to upgrade their forecourt shops without major investments. The above video features a new shop being installed at a Shell site in Hungary.

The indoor and outdoor equipment manufacturer offers a customizable solution to quickly expand offerings in any location. Produced from highly durable material, which has more functional properties than concrete, the container is specifically designed to provide maximum comfort, utility, and a long lifespan.

Sistem Reklamcilik’s product is delivered with ceiling, wall, floor, and furniture inside of the container thanks to the company’s seamless design, which allows for an easy and safe installation that can be completed in a single day.

Apart from providing a reliable and cost-effective alternative to construction, the Company can customize the container to meet client specifications. Their experienced R&D team can create a portable and modular building that fulfils any requirements without design limitations.

In addition, the unit’s structure is built to be transported, providing a flexible asset that can be moved to any location if needed.

Burcin Pulat, Shell Global Format Development Manager, commented “The design idea is shaped around the electric vehicle charging locations where our customers charge their cars. Design is modular and brings minimum standard offers related to existing customer missions”.