Carrefour adopts the Bever luminaire solution

Bever Innovations have installed eight LS luminaires at the Carrefour gas station in Angers Grand Maine, France. After its launch, the company has prepared a study on the results and differences in terms of light output and energy consumption between the 'full power' and 'eco-modus' modes.

These pieces of equipment have been designed with the purpose of reducing electricity consumption at fuel stations while maintaining "attractive" lighting to continue attracting customers.

In this way, when it is night and the LS Downlight does not detect any movement for a certain period of time, its intelligent system will attenuate the light output to a certain level. Once a customer has entered the station and motion is detected, the lights are turned on to ensure an environment with optimal visibility.

The distribution of fuel in service stations is an active business 24 hours a day, so adequate lighting is essential to be able to continue working safely during the nights. In addition, in recent years, the electricity market has suffered many disturbances that have directly affected most of the population.

Therefore, gas stations resort to intelligent technologies that allow them to reduce their costs and maintain the pace of business.

Thus, the study developed by the company in Angers Grand Maine, France, determined that in the 'eco-modus' lighting consumed up to 80% less. In addition, each of the luminaires works individually using information from its own motion sensors.