Opening of the new E100 station in Poland

The E100 company has opened its own petrol station at Port 2000 Torzymin in Poland. The new station is one of the largest filling stations of its kind in this part of the country for refuelling trucks.

Dmytro Ananskyi, Deputy Head of the Department of Cooperation with Suppliers for E100 says "We offer our customers 8 refueling stations, 4 diesel dispensers with a capacity of 130 l / min, 4 AdBlue dispensers. The dispensers have so-called satellites that allow you to refuel all the tanks of the vehicle without having to move it"

The station is equipped with 4 self-service terminals (at each of the dispensers), which significantly shortens the refueling time. In addition, at the new station it is possible to settle refueling using a phone, in the E100 application with the E100 Mobility service activated, without the need to use a payment terminal.

It is also worth noting that the new station is prepared to handle oversized transport – the height of the shelter is 4.75 m.

The Е100 network comprises over 12,000 stations in 33 countries worldwide. The E100 card is recognised in the multi-brand station network making refuelling in Europe even more convenient.