Tamoil launches first 'energy hub'

Tamoil has opened the company's first 'energy hub' at the Ravenswade in Nieuwegein. The former Tamoil Express has been completely renewed inside and out to T-Energy Express. Visitors can refuel, load, eat and drink (green) and have the vehicle washed.

With the conversion of Tamoil Express Nieuwegein into a modern energy hub, Tamoil has, according to its own words, taken 'a new direction'.

The almost completely renovated station prominently displays the name T-Energy Express on the awning and, in addition to traditional fuels, also offers green forms of energy and other services such as a car wash and food and drink vending machines.

As a sustainable fuel, Neste MY Renewable Diesel and bio-CNG can be chosen. The driver of an EV can go to the hub in Nieuwegein at four locations where T-Electric fast chargers of 300 kWh supply green electricity.

The green electricity partly comes from the more than 144 solar panels on the new awning.

75 year history in the Dutch market

Tamoil has been active on the Dutch fuel market for more than 75 years. The company operates 225 refuelling and charging stations and thus has a market share of more than 5%. Tamoil produces green electricity for its network of stations via the XXL Solar Park in Assen. In addition, it offers customers sustainable fuels at a growing number of locations, such as CNG and Neste MY Renewable Diesel.

Tamoil is part of the Oilinvest Group, an oil company with refuelling and charging stations in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and the Netherlands.