Revision of EU tobacco legislation

The European Commission's public consultation on the review of tobacco and e-cigarette legislation in Europe ends on Tuesday 16 May.

The EU Commission is preparing a further tightening of the legal regulations for tobacco products, e-cigarettes and other nicotine products, aiming for a "tobacco-free Europe".

With the public consultation on the review of the legal framework for tobacco and nicotine products, which runs until Tuesday, 16 May, the Brussels authority is making it clear that this threatens a massive attack on retail sales and earnings.

In this survey of retailers and companies, the EU Commission would like to know whether preparations have already been made for an "exit from the market", i.e. the cessation of tobacco sales.

Around 3,800 people and companies have so far expressed their opinions in the EU Commission's survey.

A few days before the end of the public consultation, Steffen Kahnt, Managing Director of the Federal Association of Tobacco Retailers (BTWE), appealed to retailers in Germany to take part in the EU survey and to make their voices heard: "Don't let the EU ruin your business! Take the opportunity until 16 May to put a stop to the EU's plans."