MOYA networks dynamic development plan

The Anwim capital group has announced further expansion of the Moya network in Poland. The dynamics of the station's growth is to be maintained in the coming years.

Every year, the network will grow by 50 new points, also after exceeding the threshold of 500 stations planned for the end of 2024. This means that by 2030, the Moya network will consist of 800 service stations.

Anwim Strategy

The company also intends to take an active part in the country's energy transformation and has ambitions to become one of the leaders of change. The green strategy will be the axis of development of the entire capital group in the coming years.

One of its directions is to create its own dense network of charging points, both at Moya stations and outside them. In total, Anwim plans to have over 4,2030 own charging points by the end of 1 and intends to expand the acceptance network through cooperation with other operators as part of roaming.