Germans support sustainable transportation transition

73 percent of Germans support the implementation of a sustainable transport turnaround with the extensive displacement of the car from cities in favour of bicycle mobility and public transport, according to study by "Texlock New Bike Mobility Monitor 2023.

In addition, 39 percent of those surveyed demand that the mobility transition must be affordable. Against the backdrop of crises with high inflation and high energy costs, one in four Germans is worried that sustainable mobility will not be affordable for them personally.

This is also accompanied by the desire for the attractiveness of sustainable mobility offers (31 percent). One in four (26 percent) assumes that a sustainable mobility turnaround will only work if the majority of road users perceive it as personally beneficial.

Only one in ten Germans (nine percent) says that a sustainable mobility turnaround in order to achieve climate targets may also be accompanied by restrictions on the mobility of individual road users.

Approximately one in ten (eleven percent) Germans is confident that gaps in the user-friendliness of sustainable mobility can be closed by innovative technologies, and about one in seven (14 percent) would like to see greater emphasis placed on the benefits of sustainable mobility for quality of life in the public and political debate.