First fast charging station in France for Zunder

This new facility is located in the Pays d’Argentan on the A88 motorway between Caen and Le Mans. A station that has just started its operations and shows how this type of infrastructure should be if we want the electric car to spread to all driver profiles.

Zunder’s first ultra-fast charging station outside Spain has 12 charging points, Among them 8 300kw points are divided into 4 kempopower chargers, and 4 charging points of 22 kW each from Ingeteam.

As we can see in the pictures, the station also has a pergola that provides some protection to the users in case of rain, shields them from the sun, and with photovoltaic panels to cover part of the requirements with solar energy is also equipped.

Also note the presence of a large sign in the style of gas stations, which shows the charging rates of the points. A detail of utmost importance that is usually omitted in this area. In this case the rates are 0.28 Euro per kWh charging at 22 kW, and 0.48 Euro per kWh for ultra-fast charging.

Despite having a station that will allow customers to charge in a few minutes, users of electric cars will have to make more or less long stops along the way, where they can enjoy additional comfort for users, such as services and catering establishments in its facilities and the surrounding shopping area