Mitsubishi launch electric trucks in Chile

The all-electric eCanter truck by Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation is set to be launched in the Chilean market later this year. The truck was unveiled to domestic customers on August 17th.

The eCanter, developed by MFTBC, is the first series-produced, all-electric truck in the Japanese market. It addresses urban environmental issues like noise, exhaust gas, and CO2 emissions.

With its electric motor, the eCanter is locally emission-free and generates less noise and vibration compared to traditional diesel-powered vehicles. This makes it well-suited for inner-city routes and operations during late night and early morning hours.

In August 2020, MFTBC introduced an improved model with enhanced safety features, following the launch of the initial model in 2017.

The truck has been selected by customers in Japan, Europe, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand since its launch. In March 2023, MFTBC began accepting orders for the fully re-modeled e-Canter with a wider range of variants to meet various business requirements. The new model is also planned for release in more international markets.