Standalone Tunnel Splash In ECO Car Wash

The Wills Group in the US has announced that it has unveiled its first standalone tunnel Splash In ECO Car Wash in La Plata, Maryland.

According to the retailer, which operates Dash In convenience stores in addition to over 50 Splash In car washes across the Mid-Atlantic, the car wash industry is evolving, influenced by technological advancements and heightened environmental consciousness.

“Today’s consumers seek efficient car cleaning that’s also eco-conscious. Traditional car wash methods, often seen as chemically-laden and water-intensive, are being reevaluated in favor of sustainable practices,” the company said, adding, “by integrating advanced water recycling systems and eco-friendly cleaning solutions, we’re not just meeting industry standards but setting them.”

According to the Will Group, the decision to establish a standalone tunnel in La Plata was the culmination of lessons learned, market research and its vision for the future. Mike Mulhern, director of operations at Splash In, said, “Refining our operational efficiencies and selecting the right vendors were all part of the process.”