Lukoil launched Russia's largest fuel station

PJSC LUKOIL opened the largest fuel station in Russia at the Moscow-Kazan M12 federal motorway. The 1200 square metres station can simultaneously accommodate up to 16 passenger cars and 6 cargo vehicles.

The showpiece filling station is situated 150 km away from Moscow, at the optimal distance to make the first stop while travelling to Kazan.

The station separates cargo and passenger traffic, has a comfortable debussing zone for long-distance travellers, a service station, and a green recreation area.

The station hosts two playgrounds for kids, a shop offering a wide selection of goods, a restaurant, a two-story veranda and an open-air café area, a sport complex, a laundry, washrooms and lavatories, a mother-and-child room, and a pet relief area.

The M12 motor route will connect the largest regional centres to a network of highways. LUKOIL's project allowed to introduce a complex approach to organization of service and fulfilling rest for both drivers and passengers for the first time.